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Famiku is the first brand to propose the concept of the "MRCADE" in entertainment field over the world.

MRCADE is "next generation", an Arcade 2.0.

*MR(Mixed Reality) = VR + AR
NOTE:The MRCADE is not AR or VR demo, The core idea of MRCADE is "entertainment". MRCADE will provide happiness and interactive entertainment experience serve as the core, the AR and VR and even more advanced technologies used for improving the entertainment experience in the future.
Absolute defense

Acting as a spaceship gunner, fighting against alien invaders with other comrades.

Galaxy War

Driving space fighter in the universe, fighting with the alien invaders.


Acting as a rider on the streets to kill the monster.


Acting as a paperboy, riding a bike to deliver the newspapers in community.

Heading Master

Acting as a soccer players to shoot the goal with head.

Shooting Master

Acting as a basketball player to play a Fixed-point shooting game.

Monster Escape

Multiplayer game, one player act as monster, other players can hunt it.

Crazy Swing

Panoramic crazy swing VR game.


Acting as a crazy fans, swing the light stick with the beats in the concert.

Rocket Mania

VR rings game.

Fantasy Rafting

Rafting in the Amazon jungle, avoiding obstacles

Shark Hunter

Virtual fishing game, catching fishes in the sea with a fishgun

Sue's Room

Puzzle game, test the player's memory and responsiveness

Fruit Fencer

Feel the fruit of the spatial differences and fruit juice scattered before your eyes


In a beautiful island with music wielding drum beat against the rhythm


The player moves along the broken wooden bridge

The Road of Melos

The first full motion game in China


As a qualified cowboy, it's the time to show your skills of roping cow.

Audio Beats

VR version of the rhythm master

Full Motion Gaming System

Full Motion System combined immersive head mounted displays, motion capture systems, real-time 3D engines, let your body be a game controller, put your sports talent and game skill integrated into the game seamlessly. Created a high fidelity, low latency, and unlimited potential 3D human-computer interactive experience.

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Other Products

We also provide total solutions for traditional arcade, multiple interactive entertainment and large amusement park.

War Machine

Audio Beats Music Gaming System

5D Space Dynamic Seats

ROCO Kingdom Data Carddass Arcade

Seer Data Carddass Arcade

Multiplayers Laser Hunting Game

Aquarium Plotter

Littel Mole - 7D Interactive Theater

Seer - 5D Shooting Theater

Galaxy War Dome Shooting Theater

Crocodile Mania

Sand World

LOVE GIRL Data Carddass Arcade

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